Echoes of the 15th Beauharnois Regatta ...

Echoes of the 15th Beauharnois Regatta …

Although wind fluctuations around 40 km/h forced the cancellation of Saturday’s races, Sunday brought amazing racing, especially in the Grand Prix and Hydro 350 classes. Attendance is fierce competition.

Thousands of spectators who waited until the end witnessed a frantic battle between Andrew Tate (Stellar GP-777) to New Zealand Ken Lupton (Lucas Oil GP-577) Until retirement from “Kiwi” on the last lap left the way open for the pilot from Walled Lake (Michigan) in the Grand Prix class final.

was 4e Once in two events the competitors found themselves in the neck and neck, including the Cambridge Regatta (Maryland). Jack Lupton He was also at the height of competition at Beauharnois on the wheel of the new GP-33 and fought the weekend event against his brother Kane in Group 2B on Sunday. One thing is for sure, though, and that rivalry has developed between Ken Lupton and Andrew Tate, the two men to beat so far in the HRL Grand Prix category.

Among the floats…

The Broken Wing of Patrick Haworth

Misfortune befell the H-79 “Bad Influence” stable. Michael Grindel Weekend at Hydro 350. At 2e Pilot qualifying round Patrick Haworth I had to go back into the pits when the stabilizing fin broke in two on contact with a strong wave.

Louis-Alexandre Baudouin is in a hurry to make a previous ‘big decision’

The “other” boat H-113 commanded by Suriloa Louis Alexandre Baudouin In the Régates de Beauharnois he had previously driven Louis Allard As a “big decision” H-4. This is one of three structures built by Jean Jay LeBeoufs And the jack dawset At the Rang Double workshops in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

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List of runners including 6 rookies

Of the 46 participants in the Hydro 350 (17), Formula 2500 (12), Grand Prix (8), 2.5L (7), Pro Hydro (1) and Vintage (1), there were half a dozen beginners who made their debut. HRL. First-year runners are Adam Carothers (Herrin Choker S-38), Alexander Leduc (Fat Boy S-88), Vincent Laberge (Canadian Tire S-25), Sebastian Leduc (Happy Sunny S-555), Eddie Kanfoush (Miss Behaved S-50) and Danny Leger (Sharpentech H-666). Francois Lerouge He would be added to the collection during the Régates de Valleyfield with the “OMG” H-447 which he damaged at the Régates de Cambridge during the flight. It will be the same for Matthew Brown Who Bought “Maverick” F-29 With His Fiancée Caroline Doust Which will become the “Dust and Daust” F-74.

Baptism of Marc Antoine Racine in Brockville

after withdrawal Jean Francois Latour, who would drive the F-8 “Joker” for the last time to Beauharnois and Valleyfield, the Racine family took the reins of the Formula 2500 class boat in anticipation of the Brockville and Valleyfield Regattas. Son, Marc Antoine Racine You will share the F-17 “Gravity Challenge” wheel with Father, Stefan Racine.

Owen Henderson makes a good impression

Owen Hendersonson of Brockville Builder, had his first good outing aboard a “Secret Ah Sum-er” F-3, and earned 3e Position in qualification 1B after an excellent duel with Tommy Shannon (F-4). The young pilot has 5e Passage to the final which may not be in dispute. Owen will drive a former F-69 “Busted Prop” this season that he still owns John HoganerCamel Tom, aka Johnny Dosh, Hoganer.

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