Suspension reduced for Faumuina for training

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 2:25 pm.

Suspended for three weeks after a dangerous ban against Brave, Toulouse columnist Charlie Fomoena agreed to pursue specific training in order to reduce the suspension.

Charlie Fomoena could help Toulouse in a top 14 semi-final case. The National Rugby League Disciplinary Committee saw his suspension for three weeks. A decision comes to punish “a dangerous play in a quarrel or noise”, more precisely “a player who charges in a hoop or noise”. While the six-week suspension was initially maintained, the Disciplinary Committee took into account extenuating circumstances, particularly the expressed remorse, and eventually reduced the sentence by half. In this case, Charlie Faumuena could only play again this season on the condition that his club reached the top 14 final.

Faumuina as Tekori

However, the 35-year-old decided to implement global rugby regulations in the hope of returning to the field early, i.e. for the semi-finals of the French championship. In fact, like teammate Iosefa Tekori last October, Charlie Faumuina decided to use the “Head Contact Process” created by World Rugby in order to reduce the penalty a bit more. In other words, the Toulouse component will have to go through a specific intervention training workshop in order to correct his technique and be less inclined to make the kind of mistake that caused his suspension. If this protocol were to be validated by World Rugby, Charlie Faumuina would not be suspended for three weeks but only two. Thus, the Auckland boy could strengthen his club’s first streak in the event of reaching the semi-finals.

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