Andrew Tate continues his domination of the 15th Regattes de Beauarnois

Andrew Tate continues his domination of the 15th Regattes de Beauarnois

After imposing his reign in the Cambridge Regatta (Maryland), the 32-year-old excelled on Sunday during the second stage of the 2022 Seaplane Regatta League. Tate led from start to finish. 350 class in ‘Penzoil’ H-300 controls and was followed shortly after with a resounding victory aboard the ‘Steeler’ GP-777 in the Grand Prix final.

“I have to admit, four wins in the same number of finals, it’s a bit crazy,” said the double winner at Beauharnois. Andrew Tate commented in an interview with regional sound On the sidewalk in the supply pits.

With his Grand Prix pole still thanks to his two first place results, Tate literally jumped into the first corner at the start and took some boat lengths from New Zealander Ken Lupton. Steller GP-777 stayed in the lead, Lucas Oil GP-577 chased him until 3e Before Kiwi’s new boat shuts down due to mechanical problems.

This abandonment by Ken Lupton allowed Jeff Bernard to reach the second step of the podium with Michael Grendel’s “Bad Impact” GP-79. Campivallensien Yannick Léger, who lost use of his ‘Supernova’ GP-21 fin before the race started, took advantage of the problems faced by the other three finalists to finish the race in 3e His rank as he did at Cambridge.

Jack Lupton (GP-33) and Ken Brodie II (Freedom GP-50) are forced to draw after engaging in a thrilling duel of 4e Field. There were 8 Grand Prix entries in Beauharnois, including the “Miss Cléopâtre” GP-104 driven by Marc Lecompte and the “TM Special” GP-35 driven by Bobby Kennedy.

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Heavy winds forced the cancellation of events scheduled for Saturday, and the two qualifying rounds held on Sunday ended with victories for Andrew Tate (1a, 2a), Yannick Leger (1b) and Ken Lupton (2b).

In the Hydro 350 class, Andrew Tate was unbeatable at the wheel of the ‘Penzoil’ H-300, achieving honorable qualifications and a finalist. In the penultimate race of the day, Tate resisted thrusts by Tyler Kadatz aboard an “Ah Som Secret” H-195 and the latter was punished for changing lanes after the start on Turn One.

This reprimand awards 2e Position for Kent Henderson at the controls of the “Team Toban” H-519 and Erik Mc Kenna, who closed the door on the first turn, completed the podium on the “La Bête Noire” H-999. Martin Rochon (RTX Racing H-773) took 4e Ranked and Tommy Shannon (Dognasty H-306) finished 5e While Marc Lecompte stopped out in the first round at “Gestion Unique” H-104.

Winners Eddie Kanfouch and John Shaw

The 2.5L and Formula 2500 finals cannot be held due to the turbulent waters stirred up by the northwest winds. The single qualifier results confirmed the winners by the end of the week.

At 2.5 liters, rookie Eddie Kanfouche won the “Miss Behaved” S-50 for 2e sequel event. Defeated Grand Island (New York) pilot Sebastien Leduc (S-555), Simon Fortin (S-199), Stephanie Blaine (S-757), Adam Carothers (S-38), Alexandre Leduc (S-88) and Vincent LaBerge ( S-25).

In Formula 2500, John Shaw’s victory in race 1B gave him first place after the qualifying round in Doug Martin’s ‘F-43’, which he triumphed in Cambridge. Steve Armstrong (Tenacity F-92) and Tommy Shannon (Valleyfield Auto Parts F-4) also made the podium while Grant Hearn (F-14), Owen Henderson (F-3), Kevin Smith (F-26) and Guillaume Charette (F-44) and Richard Hainault (F-17) also qualified for the final.

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The next meeting of the season in the Hydroplane Regatta League will be in Brockville, Ontario, July 2 and 3.

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