Because she wanted to smuggle hundreds of rare aloe vera plants attached to her body through customs, a New Zealand court sentenced a woman to 100 hours of community service. The Ministry of Agriculture said the 38-year-old Chinese tried to bring a total of 947 succulents and aloe vera into the country, which she tied to her body in stockings. The value of the plants, including eight threatened species, was around 6,000 euros.

When she entered the country in March 2019, the letter said, a police dog learned of the woman. Then she tried to dispose of the plants in the airport toilet, where the security forces found them. In addition to the community watches, the woman is placed under observation for a year.

“This ruling is a reminder to everyone who wants to smuggle endangered plants or other endangered species to New Zealand that they will face the penalty,” a ministry investigator said after the court ruling. New Zealand has strict laws regarding importing plants.

IPhone: APA / AFP