Frodo thinks it's stupid to call the series The Lord of the Rings

Frodo thinks it’s stupid to call the series The Lord of the Rings

What Amazon officially calls the series currently being created about the Tolkien saga Middle Earth is not yet known. Currently she is called “The Lord of the Rings,” which is something that actor Elijah Wood doesn’t like.

The Amazon series about The Lord of the Rings is not the Lord of the Rings

Ilya Wood, Frodo Baggins in the film trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, said in an interview with Empire: “I find it very strange that they call it“ Lord of the Rings ”for short, because it is not The Lord of the Rings Rings. They have been found in the Second Age of Middle Earth. We know very little about the series other than that it happened before the events of the Peter Jackson films. The plot appears to be about the sinking of Nominor Island, but this has not been confirmed.

Elijah Wood continues, “I think it’s very exciting to be in the process of creating this series. But I think it is misleading to present you as the“ Lord of the Rings. ”As far as I know, the material in it works chronologically again in the Lord of the Rings tradition or Middle-earth more than any of the characters portrayed in Lord of the Rings. It’s like a Silmarillion Age. Not to get even crazier, but it’s the second age of Middle Earth. “

The actor wouldn’t mind appearing small in the series: “If there is a world where this makes sense and is vital to what they do, then yes. Look, what excuse to go to New Zealand go and work on something … I’ll definitely be there.” He likely won’t be playing Frodo Baggins anymore, but it’d be cool if he could walk through the picture as a different character.

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When we will be allowed to see the series from Amazon is not yet certain.

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Amazon Gallery: Frodo thinks it’s stupid to call the series The Lord of the Rings

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