With a Maori tattoo on her chin, JT presenter 'breaks a glass ceiling'

With a Maori tattoo on her chin, JT presenter ‘breaks a glass ceiling’

Orini Kaipara is presenting a prime-time newscast this week on New Zealand Channel. Three years ago, the young woman decided to get a tattoo Moko Kwai On the chin in order to loudly claim her Maori ancestry.

Orini Kaibara had already made history in 2019 when she became the first female news anchor with a tattooed mind Moko Kwai tell Things. But this week, Wellington News adds, it has taken it one step further by ensuring that Newshub live at 6pm, The equivalent of 20 hours, to replace the usual journalists.

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The 37-year-old, who speaks English and Maori Te Rio, remembers getting this traditional Maori tattoo three years ago. Things. In 2017, for his part Daily TelegraphYou passed the test adn who assured her that she had 98% of Maori ancestors. The paper explains that these Maori tattoos serve to represent a family’s heritage as well as their social status. “This is a rite of passage for Maori women, ushering in the transition from childhood to adulthood.”

Today, she talks to millions of New Zealanders, she says Shattered the glass ceiling. “This is a turning point for us for Maori but also for all people of color. Whether you have a file Moko Kwai first”, She trusts Things.

I realized for a while that it was more than just the fact of providing information. It’s also a huge victory for this generation and the next ten – don’t let your identity or your culture stop you from doing anything.”

Maori began to settle in New Zealand from eighthe Horn, from various Polynesian archipelagos. They are now 850,000, or 17% of New Zealand’s population. To which must be added a large diaspora, which is mainly established in neighboring Australia.

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