Presented for the first time with a traditional chin tattoo

Presented for the first time with a traditional chin tattoo

For the first time in New Zealand, an evening TV host has a Maori tattoo on her chin.

according to Things And Many international mediaIn 2019, journalist Oreni Kaibara broke the glass ceiling to become the first female news anchor to have her chin tattooed with a Maori symbol. Moko Kwai. Here, the teacher is somewhat symbolic, but all the same importance: you will be on top Newshub live at 6pm, The equivalent of our newspaper 7:30 pm.

Now, 38, the journalist decided three years ago to get a tattoo Moko Kwai On the chin, which represents its Maori origins. according to Daily TelegraphThese tattoos symbolize the family’s heritage and social standing, but they also symbolize the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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‘A great victory for this generation’

“I am fully aware that I am the first [femme avec un tatouage moko kauae] To deliver a prime-time television newscast”, she told news site Stuff, claiming to own her Shattered the glass ceiling.

“This is a turning point for us as Maori, but also for people of color.”

For a journalist, this professional recognition embodies much more than just a step in his career. For her, this is a social and historical landmark. “It’s also a huge victory for this generation and for the next ten generations – don’t let your identity or your culture stop you from doing anything. Use it as a force to be better and to do good to others.”

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