Live / Italy and New Zealand (final score 9-47) TV8 video: The Azzurri with their heads held high

Live / Italy and New Zealand (final score 9-47) TV8 video: The Azzurri with their heads held high

Live broadcast in Italy and New Zealand (final score 9-47): Azuri Ko, but the boss is high

In the second half new Zeland He also scored the fifth goal and was eliminated: the perfect group of New Zealanders to beat Campo Com Aumua and shift with Mo’Unga from 9 to 41. Sototo also ends up on the scoreboard and scores the New Zealanders’ sixth goal. Mo’Unga is confirmed to be exceptional in transitions and puts 9-42. Italy suffers and gathers, but never gives up. He fights as if he can reopen it, but gives space for the All Blacks and a way to go with the seventh try. This time the New Zealanders sting straight from the line, hitting a cane target. and still Muunga To divert the dispute and close it permanently. Ends 9-47 And the Azores are still close with their heads held high in applause. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Munga realizes

The second half is live from the Olympic Stadium Score 9-28 betweentally new zealand. The first minutes of the second half in favor of the Italian national team, which pays with great conviction and resourcefulness. Three changes to try to change the inertia of a very difficult game: off Fuser, Fischetti, Giammarioli for Cannon, Tiger and Sten. Italy starts the grinding and goes 9-21 with the polished Garbisi. The latter is forced to leave the field due to injury, and Crowley meanwhile chooses two more changes, in Canna and Ruzza.

The All Blacks don’t give up and with Reese they reach over the blue goal line. Surgical transformation does not fail Monga. The game is still long, Italy is still alive but the All Blacks are very effective in attack. It’s getting more and more uphill for Azzurri… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

a period

L ‘Italia Punished in the first defensive distortion and collect half Kristi. Monga It turns very cold in the Olympic stadium. All blacks are under pressure again, this time with Dan Coles This allows Mo’Unga to extend the pace. The Blues do not give up and regain the oval in the opponent’s half with Minozzi, who chooses to go to the publications. Garbisi responds to the present and shortens the distance for 3-14.

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Italy hopes to get back on track, but New Zealand is still swinging an offensive switch: they’re thinking about it Dan Coles To go to the target easily disarm. Monga Make no mistake and continue at 3-21. At the end of the first half we are then against New Zealand, Italy defended well but in the first mistakes they paid a very heavy bill. The difference is now in the locker room for half the time. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Balance in the first 20 minutes

I started there Live from the Olympic Stadium in Rome, pigeon Italy and New Zealand They are firm on the direct score 0-0. Favorable start for the Italian national team, which includes New Zealand, baffling with great strength. Italy tries to bend forward and does so with the adventurous Zanon, who is blocked by the opponent’s defensive wall. Also thanks to Italian aggression, all blacks struggle terribly to restart and fail to exploit one of their strengths: the restart. Many errors on both sides, but the score did not open after twenty minutes. Italy plays evenly and continues to put pressure on New Zealand, looking for the right opportunities to break the deadlock. An encouraging start, but still a long one. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Italy and New Zealand It finally begins: The Olympic Stadium in Rome hosts a national rugby team in attendance twenty months after last, against Scotland in the 2020 Six Nations Championship, and three years after the previous game against the All Blacks, which finished 3.66 for New Zealand in 2018. It will be a celebration of Italian sport, honored in the stands with the presence of some of the heroes of the successes of 2021, such as Olympic medalist Nino Pezzolato, who has long participated in the retreats at Giulio “Onesti” the preparation center for the Olympic Games in Rome, but also Eseosa Desalu, one of the contestants The four in relay for the gold medal 4 x 100 in Tokyo, or Stefano Raimondi Paralympic multi-medalist, winner of one gold, four silver and two bronze in swimming.

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In total, there will be 17 medalists in Tokyo, between the Olympics and the Paralympics, in the stands this afternoon for the spectacular All Blacks show, but we’re also hoping for Azzurri: Word to the field, start Italy and New Zealand! (Mauro Mantegazza Update)

Italy ZEALAND NEW ZEALAND VIDEO TV8: How to follow the match test

the alive From Italy and New Zealand It will also be clearly visible on Tv8, so everyone will be able to follow the All Blacks in the demo match in Rome, even if we remember that satellite channels will also broadcast the match on Sky Sport Uno and thus in Live video broadcast Through the service provided by Sky Go.


Approaching the live broadcast of Italy and New Zealand, we can compare some statements on the two fronts. For Italy, space for the words of new coach Kieran Crowley: “These days, we worked a lot on different aspects of the game, paying attention to every aspect in detail. The boys showed a great attitude during training and showed a great desire to create something important with this shirt. On the day, Crowley said: Saturday (today, editor’s note) will be the focus on our performance, continuing on the path to creating a very specific team identity.”

For New Zealand, All Blacks player Ardie Savea presented the test match at the Olimpico in Rome as follows: “If we underestimate Italy, it will be a long time for us. We know what their physicality is, and I remember clearly the last time their streak caused The third is that we got in trouble and he ended up taking over us. We don’t take this race lightly.” (Mauro Mantegazza Update)

Awesome challenge!

Italy and New Zealand, in a directly everyone Raw 14.00 This afternoon, Saturday 6 November 2021, will witness all black Test friendly champions Football Which will see the Azzurri host at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, a very prestigious venue for hosting the world’s most representative team in rugby, the All Blacks in New Zealand. The first consequence of this is clear: except for literal sports miracles, the Italian-New Zealand team will not see the result in the balance, because the victory of the All Blacks will be practically certain.

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Italy’s goal will be to play well, to show quality, to reduce the deficit, perhaps by performing better 3-66 three years ago And the relaunch of love for rugby, which may have faded a bit in recent years due to the many defeats the Azzurri have suffered, just as Italy achieves dream victories in many other sports. However, this afternoon in Rome there will be the magic of the wonderful event that surrounds Italy and New Zealand, and of course we hope that our national team can make a good impression.

Long live Italy New Zealand: context

Toward Straight from Italy and New Zealand, it must be remembered that Azzurri Rugby recently changed their technical guide and the coach of our national team now is Kieran Crowley, who won in June On top of Benetton Treviso The first historic Italian success for an international cup for the club was the Pro14 Rainbow Cup. And so Italian rugby is still alive, even if the task is practically impossible against the All Blacks, unless you want to think about the officially designated draw for the 2019 World Cup due to the match being canceled due to Hurricane Hagibis.

Not only that: Italy and New Zealand would be the first appearances on the blue bench for a coach who was part of the All Blacks as a player, because Crowley is from New Zealand. Technically, it’s a curiosity to spot an unprecedentedly bloated triangle with the extreme Minozzi, Mori, and Ioane on the flank: For the Paduan No. 15 Hornet, it will be a comeback on the international scene after nearly a year of absence. Michel Lamaro will be captain for the first time, while Renato Giamarioli will return to the national team a little more than two years later than his predecessor, but the most memorable will be the match of Marco Fuser, whose last presence dates back to three years ago against. The All Blacks team at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

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