Wild New Zealand - Arte - TV Show

Wild New Zealand – Arte – TV Show

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wild New Zealand

Penguins breed in the forest, primitive lizards go to look for their offspring in the bushes, and kiwis have a strange date in the dark of night. The mountains, glaciers, and vast plains of New Zealand may in many places remind you of the landscapes of North America or Europe, but a second look reveals that the flora and fauna of the islands at the end of the world are startlingly different. Isolation, the forces of water and the influence of humans shaped New Zealand. Secluded between three oceans, the animal world here has evolved in a special way over 80 million years. There were no predatory mammals. This luxury has caused some species of birds to lose their ability to fly. New Zealand’s famous bird, the kiwi, is just one of them. In the documentary, time-lapse recordings show the vibrancy of New Zealand’s lavish landscapes throughout the seasons, and the extremely slow motion makes animal behavior happen in milliseconds visible to the human eye, such as battles of sea lions or acrobatics jumping for hundreds of black dolphins overflowing with a joie de vivre. . Underwater excursions into the depths of fjords and scenic shots from the air, combined with an atmospheric soundtrack, complete the story of the natural secrets and treasures of islands at the other end of the world.

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