This is why an orc looks like Harvey Weinstein

This is why an orc looks like Harvey Weinstein

Elijah Wood has left it open whether Harvey Weinstein’s face appears in the “Lord of the Rings” films.

New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings trilogy had to overcome many obstacles before filming began. Harvey Weinstein put them in the way of their makers. As a thank you, there was an Orc who cut his face off – at least that’s what Elijah Wood says.

The Miramax production company bought the rights to JRR Tolkien’s books “The Lord of the Rings” in the mid-1990s. At the time, Harvey Weinstein was still on the board.

Item, Miramax has invested several million in production. After a while, it became clear that all three films would not be done as director Peter Jackson had intended. So he asked co-founder Harvey Weinstein if they could sell the film to other studios.

Miramax replied: Of course, on two conditions. First, you have to sell the films by the end of the week, and secondly, whoever agrees, must take all three films ›», says Elijah Wood. «The Armchair Expert» -Podcast.

The Frodo actor goes further and tells how Peter Jackson made an “impressive” video that was selling in Hollywood.

“Most of the time it was said that you wanted to make a movie first and look at sales,” which Wood describes as understandable. It is an enormous risk. That’s why Miramax thought Jackson had no chance against the competition.

thought wrong.

“Today is fine, he is in prison”

Peter Jackson met with New Line Cinema and “made an unlikely deal,” according to Elijah Wood.

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The makers of The Lord of the Rings were able to realize their vision in the new studio’s shadow. Weinstein?

“I recently spoke to Dominic Monaghan, Bill Boyd, and Sean Astin (who delivered the music for Hobbits Merry, Pepin and Samoys). Sean remembered his first time on set in New Zealand. He had seen orc masks—and I even remember well—one of which looked like Harvey Weinstein’s face. Like f**k you Wood says while laughing.

The actor adds: “Today it’s okay to say that. The man is in the damn prison. Damn him.”

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