“Why is no one talking about this option?!”  With this alone, Tekken 8 will be a revolution and not just for fighting games!

“Why is no one talking about this option?!” With this alone, Tekken 8 will be a revolution and not just for fighting games!

Game news “Why is no one talking about this option?!” With this alone, Tekken 8 will be a revolution and not just for fighting games!

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Tekken 8, expected next year, promises a slew of new features, including well-equipped accessibility settings.

After Street Fighter that has returned with a new box, the most anticipated fighting game of 2024 will be Tekken 8. After 9 years of absence, the cult license promises a new component that is ultra-modern and above all more accessible than ever. We know in particular that the single player mode needs to be more detailed, just like some of the combat mechanics. As long-awaited new features, we can for example mention the AI ​​application that copies your playing style and which you can then confront. A way to identify your weaknesses and learn from your mistakes to improve. Many are also eager to discover Arcade Quest, a mise en abyme game where you play as a customizable chibi exploring the arcades. But the part of the game that has been most noticed in recent days on social networks is the accessibility granted to color-blind people, which is more advanced than ever before.Why is no one talking about colorblind accessibility in Tekken 8. Literally no game has done this“, refers to the netizen who vented it in a widely relayed tweet.

The game has a large number of filters available to make the experience easier for people with color blindness. The possibilities are numerous, and one netizen even dares to say “I'll play this mode for fun, it looks cool”, rather than being tempted by the aesthetics of certain settings. You will have to wait until January 26, 2024 to fight in the new part of the Tekken saga whose classic story will remain faithful to the other titles: Kazuya organizes an international tournament where each country must have its representative ready to send everything into it. The ring.

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Are games becoming increasingly accessible to color blind people?

Fortunately, video games have become easier for people with color blindness. A topic that was highly debated in 2021, when Dead by Daylith designer Ethan “Almo” Larson showed himself publicly annoyed with those who “talk about colorblind mode all the time,” declaring that “it's getting really boring.” Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers, addressed the studio with these words: “If you're tired of being harassed about this, imagine how tired people are of not being able to play your game because it's not available to them.” Studio Behavior Interactive was quick to announce that it was working on Colorblind Modes. Even more recently, three colorblind modes have been added to Cyberpunk 2077. The same goes for Baldur's Gate III which recently showcased a setting for “Choose protanopia, bilateral blindness, or triple strabismus“This affects”Colors used to distinguish factions and relationships: map and minimap icons, picture frames, character and circle outlines“, explained in the patch note. Not so long ago, it was Forza Horizon 5 that impressed in terms of its accessibility: in addition to a mode specifically for color-blind people, the game offered to incorporate sign language into its races, a first for a gender title.

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