It would be impossible to win the Warzone Gulag for this type of player

It would be impossible to win the Warzone Gulag for this type of player

Gaston Cooney

Some Call of Duty: Warzone PC players believe it's harder than ever to compete in the Gulag with a mouse and keyboard, while the controller's aim assist makes it easy.

The rivalry between PC and console gamers when it comes to competitive shooters never subsides.

Console gamers have long argued that PC users have an unfair advantage because of the mouse and keyboard. Meanwhile, those who use PC say it's the aim assist on consoles that does most of the work for PlayStation and Xbox players.

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Call of Duty titles are often at the center of this ongoing debate, and the latest Warzone release is no exception. Some PC gamers believe that the gulag rivalry is worse now with mouse and keyboard controls.

Warzone PC users say the Gulag is “impossible” using a mouse and keyboard

A Redditor recently shared his issues with the K/D ratio, lamenting that he didn't have it “He didn't win the concentration camps in the new Warzone…” Several people joined the thread to say that they also had bad luck playing with mouse and keyboard controls.

One user replied, “Same thing here. I'm on keyboard and mouse. It's almost impossible.” [gagner]”. Someone else argued that the aim control assist definitely has an advantage. “Are you a keyboard mouse? If so, I feel the same way. The gulags are set up to provide close-quarters combat where the aiming assistance on the controller takes over entirely.”

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Elsewhere in the thread, another Redditor detailed how aim assist works against PC players. They claimed that when shooting at someone's head, switching to ADS automatically moves the reticle by a foot due to the target's sway.

Aim to help “Fight this and you'll get almost perfect aim from where your hip crosses versus where it is in the crosshairs. Simply put, aim assist has always been strong in COD but it's even stronger in this game.

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Other Warzone players say that the visual recoil on mouse and keyboard is worse than on console, and that's the real problem. On the other hand, some mouse and keyboard users insist that they never noticed a problem at all.

Either way, it's clear that the goal assist debate isn't going to end anytime soon.

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