This Pokémon Go player thanks the 'shining gods' for his amazing luck

This Pokémon Go player thanks the 'shining gods' for his amazing luck

Cyril Bomathiod

Finding a shiny Pokémon is already a lucky thing, but this Pokémon Go player shared his amazing feat that has amazed Pokémon Go trainers.

It's very rare to find a shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go, if certain events like Community Day allow you to increase your color appearance rate, the usual odds are estimated at 1/512 for a “normal” Pokémon, even if many exceptions come out.

This is why it's so rare to find multiple shiny Pokémon in a row, and it's also why Pokémon Go fans were amazed by this guy's amazing lucky streak.

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This Pokémon Go player shares an insane series of shiny catches

Pokemon Go player Pinkypomegranate It was noticed on Reddit by a post titled “I will never be that lucky again…”. After discovering its content, it is difficult to believe that he is experiencing this experience again in his coaching career.

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Thanks to the shared screenshot, we see that the trainer was able to capture Blizzaroi Shiny, Pollarhume Shiny, and Galekid Shiny within 5 minutes.

PinkyPomegranate explains that two of these shiny Pokémon were found in the wild, and the third came from field research encounters.

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If we rely on location data Shenerat At the time of writing this article, we are aware of the amazing luck of our coach. According to Shinyrate, here is the shine rate for captured monsters:

  • Belizaroi: 1/129
  • Polarhome: 1/482
  • Galkid: 1/771
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After a brief calculation, we can determine that the odds of encountering these three Shiny Pokémon in a row are roughly 1/48,000,000, so we'd hardly be surprised to see a player thanking “Shining Goddess” The extraordinary moment.

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