“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: The FFP Mask candidate is a killer

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: The FFP Mask candidate is a killer

Updated on March 2, 2021, 8:06 am

Protecting FFP masks is a known fact. But sometimes they also protect against it, in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” One million euros to win. At least if you don’t know what’s behind the abbreviation FFP. Candidate Catherine Kirsty had to find out on Monday night.


From Christian Fook

Everyone knows it for sure: you’ve heard a term a thousand times, but never thought of it any more. For example, what is the acronym actually. Katherine Kirsty also knew this feeling since Monday evening at the latest. The good news for Berlin: it now knows what FFP means. The bad news: That won’t help her either.

But one by one. Katherine Kirsty from Berlin sits Monday evening in a studio compatible with Corona “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” And you wait for things to continue. According to the previous WWM release, the candidate stands at € 16,000 and still has two clowns. “What’s the mood,” Josh breaks the ice. Kirst replied, “Excited,” it really shouldn’t be. Kirste has prepared with a very special plan to combat nervousness.

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She was very upset because she had already used two clowns as that was not necessary. This is even though she had previously trained in the “Leon Windshead Method” in order to control her enthusiasm in the studio. A reminder: Leon Windschid won a million euros from Günther Jauch in 2015 and then published the book “The Secret of the Soul: How to Win a Million with Günther Jauch and Other Ways to Keep Your Nerve”.

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The Lyon Windschid method: a test with friends in lingerie

Kirste says Windscheid sees most candidates use their banter only because they’re so passionate. But you can get control of that with a somewhat unusual approach, “The Leon Windshead Method”. “The Leon Winderscheidt method means you must train at home in underwear in advance,” explains Kirste. And why would you train at home in underwear? Not without reason, Gauch asks.

His recommendation was: In order to train your brain to work in neurological performance situations, you should sit in your underwear in a chair like this at home and let a group of friends bomb you with questions. Obviously, the method didn’t work well, because Kirst’s last attempt also failed. But really.

Because with the next question, Kirst had to paint the next joker. For € 32,000, Gauch wanted to know: “In order to properly apply our motto about the path of the sun to New Zealand it should read:” In … “ The following answers were available:

A: The sun rises westward

B: It takes its course to the north

A: You will descend south

D: You can’t see it east

Kirste is relatively ignorant relatively quickly and asks someone from the audience. Together they agreed on the correct answer B: With 32,000 euros, Kirst can now do a lot of beautiful things, for example go on vacation with her partner, but the young woman has other plans: “I also said that I will get the money that will be used anyway to draw up a marriage Airtight “.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? What does FFP mean?

Sure enough, there were more romantic uses of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” But nobody says you can’t organize your life with your money – if there is anything left. Because the lingerie hoax shouldn’t deliver what it promises when it comes to the next question. But perhaps Kirstie’s answer was less exciting than the relationship of excessive vanity.

The question of 64,000 euros was: “The abbreviation FFP, known from respiratory masks, stands for “filter …”? Kirste can choose from these answers:

A: The face piece

B: The shape of the product

A: The front paper

D: Flow protection

Kirsty doesn’t want to gamble and takes the last one, the crowd’s joker. While viewers have been typing on their device, Jauch is pretty sure: “This is going to be an 87 percent cartel.” Far from that, because the answers are relatively common. For A: 28% they decide, for B: 12%, for C: 0% and D: 58%, what Jauch said with the words “Oh no! Oh no!” Take note.

Kirst thinks she has already read the correct answer, but she can no longer remember it and wants to trust her subconscious. And this subconscious mind apparently allows them to say the words: “It’s not a Face Piece. That sounds totally dirty.” Unfortunately, the correct answers don’t depend on whether they look good.

People all over the world wear so-called FFP2 masks in addition to traditional mouth and nose covers to protect against the Coronavirus. In addition to the level of protection, the standard symbol and the CE mark with the four-digit test number, there is another abbreviation. In the video we explain what the abbreviation NR is.

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Catherine Kirsty: This is a trifle.

Gauch Kirsti recalls that if she gives the wrong answer, it may drop to € 500 and the money will only be enough for the first hour of legal advice to contract the marriage. But Kirste is optimistic even in this case: “This isn’t that bad, Mr. Jauch. After all, I’m totally happy with my Müller. So I don’t need that money to complete all this happiness.”

Kirsty thinks she now remembers reading “Flow Protection” and wants to risk it: “I’ll do it now. I’ll take D now:” Berlin is gathering courage and seems relieved with laughter: “And if I lost it: Damn it, I had a great show.”

But when Jauch gives you the right answer, that is, serenity gives way to tears in one fell swoop. “She’s dirty,” Kirst sums up her mood after the first shock and sheds two more tears. Ralph Wessendorf performed slightly better after Kirsti and won € 32,000 in Gauch. It is not discussed whether the 44-year-old prepared without underwear.

Günther Jauch invites you to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special” on November 19 at 8:15 pm. Among others, there will be tennis legend Michael Stitch and Lieutenant-Colonel Johannes P. Kerner and TV chef Stephen Hensler. Can you win a million? These stars have already tried – and, in some cases, succeeded.

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