Evil Dead Rise – The return of the cult series takes place in New Zealand this year

Sometimes, drastic measures are necessary to keep a franchise fresh and relevant. In case evil Dead Meaning: Get out from the famous hut in the woods and into the big city! Last summer, Sam Remy and Bruce Campbell surprised everyone by announcing that the next chapter of the popular horror saga was being called up. Dead Evil Rise (For highrise – the English word for high-rise), you’ll leave the franchise’s familiar paths and turn instead to an entirely new scenario, an urban environment. After all, even the best concept gets exhausted at some point – and here it is Devil’s danceAnd the Devil’s dance 2 And the new version evil Dead From 2013 it was the fourth movie of the same design.

So a new approach was needed. This came in the image of Lee Cronin, who was about to debut, the horror and thriller film The hole in the ground, He made a name in Hollywood, and two of them evil Dead– Indicators of his idea about one evil Dead Satisfied in the urban environment.

As 2013: Rise Female Champion. © Sony Pictures

Evil Dead Rise will be different, but still familiar

His approach is “a wild rollercoaster ride, which is first and foremost a kind of reboot and secondly only a sequel.” He explains, “As a fan and filmmaker, I have two tasks to do in a certain way. But what I’m definitely not going to do, I promise, is just repeat what was there before me. I had to find my own way into the story, which took some time.” Not only the environment, but also “brings together characters you wouldn’t expect to find in Evil Dead, but they’ll ensure that you can join the action in no time”.

To avoid unnecessary comparisons with evil Dead– In order to spare Ash’s hanging banner, the film’s heroine is once again cast by women. Campbell reveals that this character is “in danger of dying to protect her family”, dashing hopes that Mia (Jane Levy), the only survivor of the latest film, will be able to celebrate the comeback. And one more thing they share with the popular 2013 New Edition:

Like 2013: Filming will take place in New Zealand again. © Sony Pictures

Rotated Dead Evil Rise Like a remake of Fede Alvarez against a diverse New Zealand backdrop. As an appointment Single circuits “The rest of the year.”

First and foremost, he becomes series maker Sam Remy, who, like Bruce Campbell, as a producer on the film, is sharing his current directorial project. Doctor Strange 2 You want it to end. It was important for Remy and Campbell that all future films in the series stand on their own two feet so that they no longer have to rely on Ash (Campbell), who has been since the end of Ash versus the Evil Dead Officially retired – except for one.

Then, as now, it comes down to “this.” evil Dead– Heroes are completely normal characters in the population that one can identify with.

Evil Dead Rise takes the horror into the big city. © Sony Pictures

Written by Torsten Schrader on March 2, 2021

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