Wheel of Time: Filming Locations - What are the locations of the fictional series?

Wheel of Time: Filming Locations – What are the locations of the fictional series?

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The fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” from Amazon Prime Video inspires you with great locations and cool wallpapers. We will reveal the location of the series.

The Wheel of Time: Spotlight on Amazon Prime Video's New Imagination

The Wheel of Time: Spotlighting Amazon Prime Video’s New Imagination (Source: Amazon Prime Video)

  • Fans of the fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” are excited to capture the beautiful landscapes.
  • The filming locations of the Amazon Prime Video series are located in Eastern Europe, where “Game of Thrones” was also filmed.
  • The second season of ‘Wheel of Time’ will also be filmed in Italy and the Canary Islands!

Fans of Robert Jordan’s book series have been waiting for the fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” and the first three episodes are finally available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. In addition to a top-notch cast around Bond girl Rosamund Pike, the cool wallpapers are especially impressive!

Fans are wondering where the fantasy world of the wheel came from. Where are the sites being used as sites? For example, while “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed in New Zealand, “The Wheel of Time” took an example from “Game of Thrones” and was filmed in Eastern Europe.

The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia served as sites. The imaginary city of two rivers is realized not far from Prague. A studio for the series called “Jordan” was built after the book’s author.

In Slovenia, the town of Bovec and the village of Soka were used as filming locations. In Croatia, like GoT, the film was shot in Dubrovnik. In addition, the second season of “The Wheel of Time” is filmed in the Canary Islands and Italy.

While the first three episodes were published in one fell swoop, the other five episodes out of a total of eight episodes now follow weekly. Every Friday you’ll find a new episode of “The Wheel of Time” on Amazon Prime Video News!

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