Spotify's Netflix Hub: Songs for Series and Movies

Spotify’s Netflix Hub: Songs for Series and Movies

The collaboration between Spotify and Netflix provides podcasts, soundtracks, and playlists for popular series like Squid Game or Bridgerton. However, initially it is not for all users.

22,500 Spotify users have created a playlist of Netflix’s hit series squid game After their massive success. Since many people want to expand their multimedia experience with and live on popular series and movies, Spotify and Netflix are now working together. The two huge streaming platforms – with around 580 million monthly active users – provide a hub for Netflix on Spotify. soundtracks for movies like red noticePodcasts with insights and background information too the crown or shadow bone Various playlists of current series and movies are waiting for users there. However, the content is not yet available for all markets.

Netflix Hub: Spotify offers interaction options and lots and lots of audio content

The collaboration offer from Netflix and Spotify will initially only be available to users in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and India. However, we managed it Click the link to the Netflix section Listen to different playlists and podcasts so far too. It is envisaged that additional exclusive content will be made available in the mentioned markets.

Plus audio content – including a special with Jay-Z on the new movie The hardest they fell There are still features that are supposed to boost Spotify users’ engagement. for example Test Made to know the character from the famous series money House Suits you. Interested parties can take a look at the hub on Spotify, which is inspired by series and movies on the streaming platform. According to the information in the blog post, the repertoire is constantly expanding. With this collaboration, Spotify and Netflix hope that existing users will stay longer — and possibly also growth in the number of paying users. You can find more information about transliteration In the official blog post Received from Spotify.

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