Whatsapp payment again? The message that scares users

After communications regarding the new update and not only Whatsapp is back in the center of attention.

Whataspp Still the center of attention. For weeks and possibly more stable for users of a messaging app glimpse Currently the most underrated of all, it has been targeted by countless messages about the need to make or not an update that would the meaning According to the many risks of losing privacy regarding the security of our personal files etc. However, today we return to an old outrageous phrase.

The WhatsApp You will get paid, it is impossible not to have received this message at least once in your life. Communicate in a serious tone that confirmed what has already been confirmed priorityCreating random things. Many lost all hints of calm and wit upon reading this letter, and immediately sensed the danger, compelled perhaps to pay a few cents of euro To apply to more than one user. Because when you think about it, the nice thing is this, desperation for a few pence compared to the money that user are disposed of.

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Whatsapp: app hoax always push public opinion

In short, the app lives in real life buffalo, or in any case the news is enlarged on schedule to allow for greater fluency Recepion Mass. After all, chains are used for this purpose, and in recent months we have ample proof of that. Today, therefore, the horror of having to pay is back The WhatsApp, with a clear and specific message that is sure to make a lot of users shudder across the country.

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Here is a text Message In the question: “Hello, we Andy E Jon, my boss The WhatsApp. We warned you a few months ago that Whatsapp will not be free as of this winter; We always do what we say, in fact, we inform you that as of today Whatsapp will cost €1 per month. If you want to continue using your account for free, send this message to 20 contacts in your address book, and if you do, you will receive a text message from the number: 123 # 57 and They will communicate Whatsapp for HER is FREE!!! Thank you…. And if you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself on our website (www.whatsapp.com). see you later. Note: When you do this it will be light blue (If you don’t send it, Whatsapp agency will activate the cost)”

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Fake news, in short, has served. In short, on an almost regular basis, you have to put up with this particular type of Message With the whole series from S.Antonio. Kind of customs fees Pay periodically. After that everything will be as before, or at least we hope.

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