Normandy: The discovery of a prehistoric cave is a topic of discussion

Normandy: The discovery of a prehistoric cave is a topic of discussion

It is a beautiful discovery made by archaeologists in Normandy…if it is confirmed. The Archaeological Research Center of Haute-Normandy announced last May in an article “That a new cave containing many inscriptions dating from the Azelan period, a period between 12,000 and 10,000 years before our era, has just been discovered in eastern Normandy”. But, as the newspaper reveals the pointMany archaeologists remain skeptical.

in between rock carvings, the article’s authors noted that they identified animal representations such as horses, mammoths, lions, deer, or salmon. There were also chevron designs and anthropomorphic figures, such as faces, silhouettes, or headless women.

“With this website, the Normandy It has been enriched by a new ornate cave … This constitutes a further example of the artistic manifestations of the final Upper Paleolithic”Jean-Pierre Wattier, archaeologist emeritus at the Musée Le Havre, and speleologist Jean-Claude Steiger, the cave explorers, and authors of the article published in the Haute-Normandy Archaeological Research Center review confirmed.

The site, whose exact location has not yet been reported, is currently being evaluated. The investigation will be led by Jean-Michel Genest, former Secretary General of Heritage and former Director of the National Center for Prehistory. Pending the results of his investigations, archaeologists remain skeptical about the truth of this “discovery”. “The clichés of the petroglyphs I have seen do not allow me to confirm that they are from a human hand.”So he told the newspaper the point Prehistorian Boris Valentine, professor at the Sorbonne. Rather, it refers to seeing badger scratches. Another archaeologist, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper, “There is something suspicious about the way the discoverers coordinated their communications.” Follow …

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