WhatsApp: Finally, there are no restrictions for those who do not accept the new terms of use

WhatsApp: Finally, there are no restrictions for those who do not accept the new terms of use

WhatsApp is once again changing its tune with regards to its terms of use. Users who do not accept it will not experience any loss or restriction of functionality, neither now nor in the future, unlike instant messengers owned by Facebook. Previously announced.

WhatsApp spokesperson has He explains to me TNW That after having discussed it with several authorities and confidentiality experts, ” We would like to make it clear that we are not currently planning to limit WhatsApp functionality or operation to those who have not yet accepted the update [des conditions d’utilisation] However, users who decline will continue to receive notices inviting them to accept these popular terms and conditions.

The platform had an idea to restrict access to the chat list at first, then it would no longer allow calls or notifications to be received. Rest assured, these measures should not be applied, even if you left the pears in his WhatsApp message for thirst by specifying that there are no restrictions. Currently Planned.

More reassurance the sound of the bell in the edge, from him Owns Confirmation that usage restrictions will not return to the table. Hopefully, because WhatsApp’s terms of service file is just too thick and too confusing! Initially, the deadline for their admission was set for February 8, then it was postponed to May 15, with Important consequences In case of rejection.

Initially, WhatsApp required that its users allow their data to be shared with Facebook, in order to facilitate conversations with companies on the messaging system. This post may also be used for advertising purposes. Except for Europe, Which caused a mass migration to alternative apps like Signal or Telegram. WhatsApp references in a file Help Center Many users agree to the terms of use.

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