BioShock 4 is developed on Unreal Engine 5, new detail -

BioShock 4 is developed on Unreal Engine 5, new detail –

Bioshock 4 It seems to be evolving on the basis ofUnreal Engine 5Based on some details that came to the fore Job announcements Posted by Cloud Chamber, the development team working on the new chapter of the series, for now remains without an official title.

The information on the engine comes from a description One of the roles sought Currently by the team, he is Senior play programmers, Which should “work with Unreal Engine 5 by adapting existing systems and building new technologies to meet creative needs and project goals.”

Speech is very vague, but the reference to Unreal Engine 5 minutes seems to refer to the technological base used in the new game. Among the other characteristics of the desired role is related to building systems games World And those related to the player’s progress, it seems.

For the rest, the requests and descriptions related to the work do not in any way prejudice the more subtle characteristics of the project in question, to be honest without mentioning the title of BioShock 4, which can be easily inferred given that we know that it is the new game in development. Cloud Chamber.

BioShock 4 may display onE3 2021, So we just have to wait a few more days to find out more, because at the moment the project is still shrouded in the most mysterious ways. Also, judging by the clues and rumors, a while ago there was an open-world confirmation with an unprecedented scenario, as well as other details that always appeared previously from job announcements, but nothing officially.

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