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50 years of A Clockwork Orange, the movie that frightened even its author – cinema

Federico Fellini He bragged (in his own way) that he had become an adjective; An orange orangeLong beforeIt is immediately controversial. “ e “Sky over berlin ” (Or Milan or Catanzaro or wherever it happened), it became a headline of the newspaper.

From the early 1970s onwards, the name “Banda dell’Arancia Meccanica” influenced many. One of the unwelcome relics of his obsessive creator Stanley Kubrick, who is said to have created a masterpiece of every genre (“Paths of Glory”, “Armed Robbery”, “Lolita”, “Doctor Strangelove”, “2001 Space Odyssey”, “Shining”, “Jacket” Full metallic “,” Barry Lyndon “).

“A Clockwork Orange” is in fact, among many other things, the only case of a film that has been banned and withdrawn by its author.. Kubrick couldn’t bear the idea that thugs and criminals were openly inspired by one of his works.

But A Clockwork Orange (based on Anthony Burgess’ novel “A Clockwork Orange”) is also an apology for power and control, a bitter reflection on “education”, a miserable portrayal of modern rebellion, a treatise on dysfunctional desire and free arbitrariness, a sparkling film (still) contemporary With the musical choices that made history.

And if you talk about it, one of the most famous American critics, Pauline Kyle “Violent sci-fi comedy”, Miscellaneous, the so-called Bible of View, calls it a “Wonderful Nightmare”.

This and other topics and curiosities related to the 1971 movie, which is now 50 years old, are discussed in the following podcast:

Hear “50 Years of A Clockwork Orange, the Movie That Even Its Author Feared” on Spreaker.

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