What is your favorite novelty?

What is your favorite novelty?

Frandroid was able to install a preview of Windows 11 to show you what’s new in Microsoft’s next operating system. What do you like the most? That’s the whole point of our survey this week.

On the evening of June 15, 2021, A preview of Windows 11 has been posted on Chinese forumsA few days before the official presentation – June 24 more accurately Microsoft’s new operating system. Frandroid was able to install it on a PC to give you an idea of ​​the future changes and upcoming novelties.

Windows 11: Great Developments Coming

So the target of this week’s poll is logically related to this blazing news. Below, you will find the various novelties tested by the editorial staff to answer our survey with complete knowledge of the facts. To start, one of the main changes concerns the Start menu, which has been moved to the center of the screen. Depending on which applications are open, it gradually moves to the left.

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For those who are reluctant to take on this idea from Microsoft, one of the options will allow it to be put into the corner. The Start menu’s working environment also undergoes a slight facelift: the Recommendations area consists of the most recently installed applications and recently opened files, and another area, above, collects installed applications or folders.

Windows 11 It will give the center stage to a redesigned and very elegant dark theme, which fits perfectly with some New wallpapers designed by Redmond. In the taskbar, a new widget menu will also be invited to the party – Windows 10 already includes a widget button which is actually a starting point – with the ability to add app widgets, we imagine.

File window management for its part has been improved to improve multitasking: a new menu will allow you to change the layout of windows with a single click. Microsoft has finally reworked all the sounds of the system. This changes the experience, and above all brings a touch of modernity to Windows.

Windows 11: What’s your favorite novelty?

After these little explanations, it’s time for us to ask you what’s your favorite novelty?


Windows 11: What’s your favorite from the leak?

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