PS5 and Xbox Series X are "much more powerful than we thought", according to Metro . authors

PS5 and Xbox Series X are “much more powerful than we thought”, according to Metro . authors

In discussing the technological challenges and the arduous development process that led to the establishment of An improved version of the metro exit, senior programmer rendering 4A games, Ben ArshardHe praised the efforts made by Sony and Microsoft in designing the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

While chatting with several international newspapers, advocates of the Ukrainian Software House explained how to do it “The story of how we brought Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition to next generation consoles is a very long one, but in short we can confirm that PS5 and Xbox Series X have already proven themselves. Much stronger than we initially thought. The more we work on these units, the more we realize we can نستطيع Include almost all full functions (from the PC version, editor). At that point we asked ourselves ‘OK, are we going to be able to do all this at 4K and 60fps?’ “.

According to Archard, what surprised the authors of 4A games the most was how powerful CPU in PS5 and Xbox Series X/S: “genuinely, These CPUs are really good. We found these wizards very useful. I’m a programmer specializing in rendering and development, in my field, it’s very much related to the power of the CPU you have to work on, but working on new generation systems we noticed that there is no longer any problem. So yeah, it’s definitely a file A big step forward Compared to what to do on the previous generation of consoles. The new consoles have excellent CPUs that work across the board. I think all developers will know how to draw a file great benefit From this increase in strength and efficiency.”.

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