Thomas Bisquet's new spacewalk on Sunday

Thomas Bisquet’s new spacewalk on Sunday

The French astronaut is making his second spacewalk as part of the Alpha mission aboard the International Space Station.

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Spends the morning in space. Thomas Bisket On Sunday, June 20, he made his second spacewalk as part of كجزء mission alpha Aboard the International Space Station, this is his fourth since the beginning of his career. 10 hours ago (in France), and for more than six hours, the French astronaut must continue to install a solar panel with the American Shane Kimbrough. You can follow the event on video and live on the NASA website.

During their first flight on Wednesday, the two astronauts were unable to complete deployment of the solar panel due to a technical problem. Before the new panel can be deployed and begin powering the orbital lab, the two men will need to install power and drive cables into the last of the screws to allow the solar panel to relax into its full position.”And the specific statement from NASA (in English). If the exit is successful, it is possible that the astronauts will soon be scheduled for a third spacewalk in order to continue installing the six solar panels received, which will be used to increase the power capabilities of the International Space Station.

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