Starfield is very big and will last a long time, some features are derived from Skyrim -

Starfield is very big and will last a long time, some features are derived from Skyrim –

starfield It will be a game very big e permanent, according to director Todd Howard for The Telegraph in an interview, she derived some characteristics from Skyrim In terms of exploring and building the world but highly developed.

However, it is a game in keeping with the classic style of Bethesda, thus derived from the experience accumulated from previous games. “There are cities that are built in a similar way to what we did before,” Howard explained, answering a question about whether you can see the cities and how they are built.

Starfield will be all about exploration, as befits a Bethesda RPG set in space

“There are different environments, like we used to do, and we want the exploration experience to be satisfying and pay to keep going like in our previous games,” the director said, but Starfield will also get some strange properties Compared to previous Bethesda games.

“There are a few different elements that come from the topic in question, but there are also characteristics that we particularly love about games. And we want you to point in one direction and walk towards that, and in the process capture Curiosity And maybe reward him in the best possible way.”

Starfield will still be a “very big” game, that Todd Howard is keen to define in a certain way, drawing anyway from the lore of the previous Bethesda series. “People still play Skyrim and we learned a lot from that match. We spent more time on building the world Starfield to make sure you can play it for a long time, in case you want to keep playing for a long time.”

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“We’ve put more hooks back into player attraction, compared to those we’ve added later in Skyrim for example.” Thus, the idea is to provide a large world that can be explored by following the main story and optional quests, allowing you to continue playing Starfield for a while. a period of time potentially very long. The meaning is to try to provide deep and rewarding experiences both for those who simply want to follow the main story, and for those who want to continue exploring and playing for a long time, especially by providing content and goals for the latter.

However, there is still no accurate information about Amount of hours Required to finish the game. If we want to make a comparison with Skyrim, the main story takes about 30-40 hours, the story as well as the main additions exceed 100 hours but to fully complete it you have to exceed 200 hours of gameplay. We saw the trailer for Starfield’s show at E3 2021, where Howard called it a type of Skyrim in space, or the Han Solo simulator.

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