Microsoft confirms the authenticity of the leaked preview

Microsoft confirms the authenticity of the leaked preview

By requesting the DMCA, Microsoft has inadvertently confirmed that the version of Windows 11 currently running online is legitimate. Sun Valley will already be called Windows 11.

Is it really a surprise? a few days ago, Preview of Windows 11 running on the networkA few days before the official presentation. If some doubts remain about the authenticity and origin of this version, Microsoft has just confirmed everything through a legal request.

Windows 11, a controversial preview

We had the opportunity to Test Windows 11 early, which reveals future operating system wallpapers or Some hidden features. However, some have expressed doubts about it Builds Originally Posted by Beebom, an Indian website. For some it was a fan-edited version, for others it was a voluntary version implemented by Microsoft. Neither.

As spotted by FossBytes, Microsoft filed a DMCA complaint with Google to de-reference the Beebom article. In this application, it is specified that the article ” Distributes the ISO of Windows 11 (copyright by Microsoft) “And it is already” A leaked copy of the upcoming Windows 11 This application thus confirms the validity of this ISO, name Windows 11, known until now under the codename Sun Valley, but also the inconvenience this could cause to Microsoft, which had hoped to keep the surprise until next week.

DMCA request from Microsoft to Beebom to share Windows 11

DMCA request from Microsoft to Beebom to share Windows 11

For our part, we’ve had little doubts about the authenticity of this version, admittedly still incomplete – it’s a beta release dated May while the update should not arrive before this fall earlier – but it is particularly compelling.

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Microsoft will hold a conference on June 24 to officially unveil Windows 11. Not only do we hope to see more about the capabilities of this new operating system, but also about its various applications and ecosystem in general. In the Builds Currently, the Microsoft Store has not changed for example compared to what we know about Windows 10, while We know big changes are planned this side.

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