What do you think of Xiaomi’s new HyperOS?

What do you think of Xiaomi’s new HyperOS?

While Xiaomi introduced the new HyperOS interface, tell us what you think about it. Convinced or not?

This week, Xiaomi organized a major conference in China. The company’s opportunity to reveal not only its new smartphones Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro, its new watches Xiaomi Watch S3 and Xiaomi Watch H1, but also the new version of its graphical interface for smartphones and connected watches: HyperOS.

After more than ten years and good and loyal service, Xiaomi has already announced that it will part with MIUI in favor of its new interface HyperOS. This new interface was actually introduced in mid-October, and a long clip was dedicated during the conference. An opportunity for the manufacturer to return in detail to the interface elements, the goal of HyperOS, various new features or which smartphones will be updated.

Concretely, HyperOS will be much more optimized than the MIUi with a weight occupied by the system of 8.75 GB, and the system will also offer a much simpler connection to different Xiaomi devices, whether headphones, watches, TV or electric car. HyperOS will also be entitled to its own voice assistant, but also a redesign of the applications, in line with what MIUI already offers.

Are there new features that are compelling to you?

With all these new features, we wanted to know what you think of this new Xiaomi interface. Are you convinced by the announced developments? Just let us know by answering this week’s poll in the list below.

Feel free to support your answer in the comments. This article will be updated at the end of next week with the survey results and most relevant answers.

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