Albie.  A challenge between companies for solidarity action

Albie. A challenge between companies for solidarity action

A Beijing company is organizing a corporate day on sports and well-being on November 30 at the stadium.

Business services and consultancy Be Impuls, founded in Albi in 2020, is organizing a cross-business event on Thursday 30 November at the stadium.

“This event aims to strengthen team cohesion through sports, physical and well-being activities for the benefit of solidarity action,” notes Marion Parise from Be Impuls.

Solidarity action targets people with disabilities. The goal is to finance the purchase of Hopper Blades, also an Albigensian company. In collaboration with the School of Mines, it has developed sports blades that allow you to rediscover the joy of running.

“With the 2024 Paralympics in France just around the corner, we must do everything we can to build a more inclusive and united society,” said Stephanie Giraud-Chomelle, Mayor of Albi, who joined the event through the Sports Department.

Already about forty companies are registered

About forty companies have already registered a team of their employees. This day on the field will take two forms: physical activity and health-related workshops (yoga, cross-training, etc.) but also the organization of a rowing tournament.

Speakers will present conferences on performance and quality of life at work. A great evening will conclude today with a demonstration of the Hopper Blades.

Artist Precell Deborah, equipped with a bionic arm, created the prizes that will be distributed during the evening. An exhibition dedicated to his works will be presented.

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“There is still the possibility for companies to register for our event,” notes Marion Parise, who would like to be able to give the codes to a person with a disability and introduce others to the association.

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