Motorola unveils a smartphone that can be worn as a bracelet

Motorola unveils a smartphone that can be worn as a bracelet

Curving a smartphone to turn it into a bracelet and hold it with the ability to use it as a watch is a concept that Motorola has just unveiled.

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While foldable smartphones, like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Z Flip 5, are still struggling to attract the public despite huge progress, others are seeking to go further. This is especially the case for Motorola. The brand is also marketing a foldable smartphone with the Razr, but what it has just introduced goes far beyond that. Motorola, a subsidiary of Lenovo, revealed a strange concept during… Lenovo world of technology 23 Which just happened in the United States in Austin (Texas). This is a shape-changing smartphone that can be bent to different degrees. So, a 6.9-inch panel can bend into a C shape, for example. This allows the smartphone to be worn as a large bracelet. Practical as a watch, but also for holding a mobile phone that becomes too large to store in a pants pocket.

A smartphone that bends without bending

But since the topic of this presentation organized by Lenovo was directed towards it artificial intelligenceartificial intelligenceIn addition to the advantage of giving a completely curved shape to the phone, Motorola imagines that the artificial intelligence functions built into the mobile phone can create a wallpaper that adapts to your clothes. Since it is a concept, we do not have many technical details about the smartphone. What we do know is that the manufacturer called it “ Adaptive display concept “And its screen has a resolution of 2228 x 1080 pixelpixel. The mobile phone does not have a hinge, as it does not fold into two parts, but it can be bent to stand upright, or in the form of an arc. In other words, with a little exaggeration, it’s reminiscent of the famous BendGate issues, i.e. phones likeiPhoneiPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that easily rolls up when placed in the back pocket of pants. The big difference is that this curvature was permanent.

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