D-4: What are you most looking forward to from Blizzard at BlizzCon 2023?

It’s the home stretch before BlizzCon 2023! Blizzard’s demo will begin on Friday evening for European players and is an important step for the studio that must prove to its community that it still has something up its sleeve. Developers will no doubt be keen to launch a new era and leave behind years of hardship after the harassment scandals and inequality issues we’ve reported on at Judge Hype in recent years.

As Arkentass showed you in his predictions for BlizzCon, we expect some interesting announcements. I’m thinking first of all about the tenth expansion for World of Warcraft, but also about the new survival game codenamed Odyssey.

Things should also change in WoW Classic but we’re not safe from another good surprise for this first BlizzCon since 2019.

I would like to know which project you are most looking forward to? What specifically do you expect from the developers? Is it a specific game or a Netflix series?

Conversely, you might expect something else from Blizzard. I’m thinking, for example, of clarifications about the future of the company after its acquisition by Microsoft, but these may be other topics close to your heart.

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