Brico depot: This new garden tool is finally available and will make your life easier

Brico depot: This new garden tool is finally available and will make your life easier

It is recommended to prune trees and cut hedges once or twice a year. It is a tedious and difficult task and requires high-quality equipment. That’s why Brico Warehouse is now releasing a new tool capable of trimming shrubs, trees and grass with trimming order. Discover this tool that will become essential to you after just a few uses.

Brico Dépôt 18V Cordless Clipper

This 18V cordless clipper, priced at €59.90 and available at Brico Dépôt, has 2 amp lithium ion battery. It is powered by an 18V TXP battery that is compatible with all Titan 18V TXP tools.

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This tool can be used as shears, but also as a shear to trim your hedge and garden as well as prune your trees. Its two-in-one system has organization SDS for fast and perfect blade changes.

Its carbon driver is low noise with 96dB and 8mm main tool tooth space. Two blades are included with the shears: a shrub blade and a grass blade. This tool is practical for the garden and easy to use with dimensions of 16 x 53 x 9 for a weight of 150 kg.

It is often the smallest axes that cut down the largest trees

Why prune hedges and trees?

Needs pruning or pruning At least once a year. However, it is best not to cut enough too many pieces at one time. Your trees don’t need a zero ball!

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How to prune your hedges?

Tree pruning is an essential process for the proper development of your plants so that they remain good and healthy. You will see your garden come back to life in no time A more harmonious atmosphere will enhance your home. The garden tools sold by the brand are sturdy and very affordable.

It is necessary to cut the entire length of the hedge at the same time. Do not try to make a size “by eye” because you may not be really satisfied with the result.

Plant lines on stakes for you Determine and guide your size.

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We are always pruning From bottom to top To prevent the upper branches from falling on the lower branches that have not yet been cut. The base of the tree should be wider than its top.

When to prune your trees?

Hedges require maintenance to keep their look and feel clean. It is best to prune once or twice a year.

There are several sizes:

  • Training volume: We train the tree during its first years.
  • Spring pruning : We support the tree by repairing it every year to show it the way it should go.
  • Summer size : We continue to support it so that it lasts throughout the year.

Most trees and shrubs go through two growth periods in spring and summer. Perform the first pruning in late spring and early summer and the second at the end of summer.

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