Forza Motorsport update: steering wheels, bodies, and multiplayer… 200 repairs are approaching!  |  Xbox One

Forza Motorsport update: steering wheels, bodies, and multiplayer… 200 repairs are approaching! | Xbox One

Forza Motorsport has been available for just over two weeks, is still experiencing numerous bugs, and the community is starting to run out of patience. Fortunately, Turn10 revealed the next big update to the game today.

More than 200 fixes on the way

Aware of the problems plaguing the title, the teams are preparing a very large update that will be released in mid-November.

If anything, this update will mark a major milestone in the arrival of a circle Yas MarinaAbove all, the studio promised more than 200 fixes, in order to solve the concerns raised by the community.

Update 2 is the game’s first content update and will arrive in mid-November, introducing a new track, Yas Marina. We’ve also planned over 200 fixes for this release, including improvements to common issues

From gameplay to game stability, including steering wheels, the skin editor, and even multiplayer, almost all aspects of the title will receive overhauls. If the full patch note is available ahead of launch, the studio is already sharing the key elements it has worked on.

Turn10 also promises to continue improving the game and its performance, and reiterates that it will continue to investigate issues with unlimited career uploads that were set to be “mitigated” by the recent 1.1 patch.

Remember, Forza Motorsport is available now on Xbox Series Obviously, we hope that the next update will correct a large part of the problems that players are facing.

First details of update 2


  • Several fixes have been made to improve the overall stability of the game and reduce crashes on all platforms.
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Body editor

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to view and open music and vinyl shared by other players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused black paint to appear gray instead of black.
  • Fixed an issue where the inner barrel could only be painted for factory edges.


  • Fixed an issue that required shaders to be recompiled every time you played Forza Motorsport on AMD chipsets.
  • Fixed a game specific crash that occurs when connecting headphones to the front panel.
    • Note: PC gamers using an AMD 7900 XTX who experience crashes at the end of races should download the latest AMD graphics driver to resolve this issue.


  • Group matchmaking, game management, invites, and memberships in multiplayer have been fixed.
  • Fixes to make custom structures appear more consistently in multiplayer game modes.
  • Fixed instances where the break/start countdown would take much longer than expected before multiplayer races start.
  • Fixed automatic selection of wet tires when entering an event, and fixed fuel estimation logic.
  • Fixed title stability when resuming from suspended state on console.


  • Fixed an exploit related to changing car settings mid-race.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash in the “New Content Update” loop when entering the main menu.
  • Fixed replays in scenarios where replays would not start, and cars would not move or float.
  • Fixed an issue with forced camera switching at the start of a race. Cars
  • Fixed an issue with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Sport Roll Cage visual enhancement option, which removes the roof of the car when viewed from a first-person perspective.
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  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Thrustmaster T248 LED display from displaying race location information.

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