"We're all fine, let's go back."

“We’re all fine, let’s go back.”

Cape Town (South Africa) – “We are locked in a hotel in Cape Town, by our choice. The city is not closed, people interact both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to our choice, we’re all negative, but time is clearly a factor. We’re fine, we’re in a good mood but let’s go back”. This is the appeal made by Michelle the Dalai Lama Twitter. Rugby team boss Parma Zebri seeks help from authorities after the team is stranded by the type of Covid they are holding “hostages” in South Africa. The franchise traveled to Cape Town for two URC matches, but local health conditions waned, forcing South African authorities to ban flights and thus matches.

Rugby, Covid variant in South Africa: Parma Zebras banned in hotel

Calling cock from President Dalai Lama

A sincere call repeated by the first player in the club to his microphones live advertising, the program of Diego Bianchi and Marco D’Ambrosio (aka Makkox), scheduled every Friday La7. “We are stuck in South Africa, the government is helping us to get back to Italy. Free the zebras – said the Dalai Lama –. Matches have been postponed. All of them in Cape Town abroad live quite quietly. They have more problems. We’ve been in the bubble and kept very stuck, and since yesterday we’ve been locked in here. It’s surreal because almost everyone looks normal on the outside.”.

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