Baptiste Serin (Toulon) et Mathieu Bastareaud (Lyon)

Win vs Sirene, bad luck for Basstareaud

Serin’s excellent match, lightning of Paia’aua but also undisciplined Lyon and Basstareaud tiles: find our tops/flops after Toulon-Lyon (19-13)


Baptiste Siren took care of everything
The Toulon scrum-half was very clean in the transmission and tried to streamline his team’s play. Without being brilliant at things, he still has some very important errors especially in the match clock which allows Carbonell to give his team 6 points up front. Injured late, he was forced out in the 64th minute to respect concussion protocol. The former Bordeaux player made his first game of the season and proved how important he is to this RCT team.

In combat, Toulon snatches victory over Lyon

Duncan Paia’aua lit first period
After a delicate game against Claremont, the three-quarterback midfielder recovered perfectly this afternoon against Lyon. In an intense first period but without real chances, the Australian allowed his team to capitalize and lead 10-3 into the break thanks to a good try. Wainiqolo takes up space on the right wing before sending in Luc who in turn sends to Paia’aua who seals the goal. A match full of desire and determination for the number 13 of RCT

Aymeric Locke went to coal
The Toulon full-back did not hesitate to make good breaks into the axle to allow his team to gain ground. In the 15th minute, he made his first devastating run which then allowed Paia’aua to advance towards the left wing. He then participates in the audition procedure by turning Paia’aua himself. More conservative in the second half, he also showed a lot of generosity and used his vitality to strike a balance in the opposing group. Toulon number 15 is one of the rare things that pleases RCT early in the season. He proved it again on Saturday.

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Matthew Bastarod, misfortune is at its height
It’s a picture that saddens all 14 teams and rugby in general. Matteo Bastarod was forced out on a stretcher after a hack attempt. Leon’s captain sustained a knee injury, groaning in pain in Maillol Park before being evacuated to respectful applause from a fleeing crowd. A few moments later, Canal+ announced that Lyon’s doctors suspected a cruciate ligament rupture. A real blow to Bastarod who just came back from injury.

A highly punishing Leon package
Toulonnais are usually the ones who have a bad habit of taking a lot of penalty kicks and easily sending their opponents to the pole. This afternoon, Var was somewhat disciplined in contrast to the Rhone. LOU offered RCT 11 penalties which they didn’t need to take advantage of thanks to the title at the foot of Louis Carbonel. Nor did Leon’s block succeed in gaining the same amount of ground as the one in randomness. LOU did an RCT at this meeting.

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