Toulouse Stadium: Marchand, it will be long ...

Toulouse Stadium: Marchand, it will be long …

A deal against New Zealand with France 15th last Saturday After rib injury, Julien Marchand will not find ground this weekend with Toulouse when Brave comes on. The international prostitute has a broken meniscus and is expected to be out for three weeks.

Julian Marchand’s absence could have cost the Blues dearly against New Zealand. Fortunately for Fabien Galthey and France’s 15th, Beto Mofaka, who unveiled the Autumn Tour on the tricolor side, wasn’t really able to forget his usual heel slinger to become one of the champions of last Saturday’s achievement against the All Blacks at the Stade de France. Unfortunately for Toulouse, this time around, Marchand will not miss this shocker against the New Zealanders only. The 26-year-old international prostitute club with sixteen selections made it known on Friday on the eve of welcoming the French champions Brive on the eleventh day of the top 14 to resume the tournament which Marchand will be away longer than expected. Kick in the ribs, winner of the U-20 World Cup with the Blue Team in 2018 He actually has a meniscus fracture that should keep him off the lawns for at least three weeks.

Marchand is back against the wasps?

“He’s going to be out for several weeks and should miss Cardiff’s European Cup trip,” he points out at Toulouse on Friday as the Red and Black dispensary continues to grow (Marchand joins the list of unavailable players Rory Arnold, Alban Placens, Reinhardt Elstadt, Richie Arnold, Alexi). Bales, Pierre Voysac and Santiago Chocobaris). Marchand, who was injured against Georgia in Game Two during the fall tour that started with a win over Argentina (the Blues lined up against the Georgians and All Blacks), He’ll miss Brive’s coming this weekend but also the next Saturday’s ride (12th day of the Top 14) on Bordeaux-Bègles grounds. According to Toulouse, the whore that Galthey regularly established since the beginning of the Gersuis era must have been Deprived of the first appearance of the Champions Cup, on December 11 in Cardiff Park. Therefore, the great absent from last Saturday can resume the competition on December 19th, to the arrival of the hornets to the pink city.

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