Weekly weather: heat and thunderstorms in the program

Weekly weather: heat and thunderstorms in the program

by Cyril Bonymeteorologist,

This week, which falls on the first of meteorological summer, the heat will return to much of the country to become heavy and windy. But the expected storms won’t really affect the drought that will continue. On the other hand, it could turn violent at the end of the week.

After a cool start to the week, the winds will shift to the south, causing a sharp rise in temperatures as of Tuesday from the Aquitaine Basin to the Alps and Mediterranean. Then this hot weather will reach the central regions, avoiding the northern regions.

On Wednesday it becomes windy over the central regions

As the warm tropical air advances towards the center of the country, a windy direction will occur from Poitou and Charentes to the Jura and north of the Alps through Auvergne. North of the Seine, you’ll stay dry with the sun, but you’ll still be a bit cold near the English Channel. From the Aquitaine Basin to the southeast, it is very hot in the afternoon.

Electric weekend often

From Thursday, the risk of thunderstorms will increase, especially in the central regions and near the central massif. These cells can be malignant with the possibility of hail. Thursday evening, as the depression approaches the Bay of Biscay, a stormy dip will be organized from the southwest and then upward toward the central regions during the night. Friday will be the hottest day, with a risk of strong thunderstorms from the southwest to the northeast. Only the southeastern regions and part of Occitanie have to escape from it. Therefore, drought will continue in these areas.

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Little rain though thunderstorms sometimes accompanied by hail

In fact, the expected thunderstorms will occur in a shallow barometric swamp, and will not be associated with active turbulence circulation. As a result, precipitation accumulations will be very random and heterogeneous from sector to sector, and some areas will be more irrigated than others. But in light of major storms, violent phenomena (hail, high winds) must be feared.

A new episode of severe heat in the south

After a chill at the start of the week, the heat will return from the south on Tuesday, before hitting the back of the country afterwards. At the end of the week, the equinox prevails almost everywhere, except near the English Channel. As for the maximum, it will develop from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius from north to south on Monday, before hitting an average of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday. Along the greater southeastern quadrant it will be the hottest with an episode of intense heat to be feared and extremes that can reach 32 to 35°C south of the Toulouse/Lyon line until next Friday or Saturday. This episode of intense heat should be less so in duration and intensity than in mid-May.

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