China ramps up pressure on Taiwan: Army flies 30 fighter jets over island in biggest military exercise in months

China ramps up pressure on Taiwan: Army flies 30 fighter jets over island in biggest military exercise in months

This is the largest show of force by the Chinese Air Force since January 23.

Beijing is flexing its muscles. On Monday, the Chinese army flew at least 30 fighter planes off southwest Taiwan, US website reported NEWSWEEK This was reported by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense.

The Department of Defense reported this intrusion into the small island nation’s skies on Twitter. 30 aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army entered ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Area) southwest taiwan May 30, 2022″ Can we read in the post.

Itineraries and fleet details have been announced. Twenty-two combat aircraft and eight support aircraft of the Air ForcePeople’s Liberation Army (APL) participated in the training process.

30 PLA ​​aircraft (KJ-500 AEW&C*2, Y-8 ELINT*4, Y-8 EW*1, Y-8 ASW*1, J-16*6, J-11*8, J-10* 4, SU-35*2, and SU-30*2) entered # TaiwanSouthwest ADIZ District on May 30, 2022. Please check our official website for more information:

– 國防部 MOD ROC\ud83c\uddf9\ud83c\uddfc (MoNDefense) May 30, 2022

Tensions escalate

NEWSWEEK He adds that the Ministry of Defense stated on its website that it had sent interceptor missiles, issued radio alerts and prepared surface-to-air missiles to track gear.

It’s about The most amazing exercise Chinese Air Force In Taiwan’s AZID since January 23, 2022. By that date, Taipei had spotted 39 PLA planes in its skies. Since March 2019, China has been flying its fleet over Taiwan. Last year, authorities on the island reported more than 1,000 exits.

This show of force is interpreted as another escalation of tensions between China and the United States in the region. In fact, Beijing wants to take control of Taiwantakes a bleak view of the increasingly close relations between the island nation and the United States.

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