Sorry Mila, who became a woman again after changing her gender

Sorry Mila, who became a woman again after changing her gender

certificate – After seven years of testosterone and many surgeries, back to square one for this “detransitioner” can never be complete.

Gone are the days when it was called “he”. At 26, Mila* developed the page about transit. The little girl who turned into a man turned into a woman again. Man, girl… For a little over a year, Mila has been a so-called “detransitioner”. Her chestnut hair, sleek back, frames her face with gorgeous features. His voice recovered low tones. But in the civil registry, she is still a man. A step she still has to take because it takes time to prove to justice that she won’t come back again. Today, she opens with a quiet voice the years she lived in the skin of a man. Like an old memory.

But after seven years of testosterone and so many surgeries, it can’t be complete back to square one. You destroyed my body, but they helped me. It ruined my body thinking it would get better. (…) I no longer have breasts. I no longer have a uterus. I have no more ovaries…

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