Justin Boys Pinned in an Article in Mediapart

Justin Boys Pinned in an Article in Mediapart

Journalist Pierre Januel explains the details of the mechanism that the deputy has put in place in her constituency, especially in the town of Mull, to maintain her electoral succession. Justine Benin, now Secretary of State for the Seas, acknowledges the facts and plays the transparency card.

This is a press article that tarnishes the image of the new Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs. This morning, Mediapart published an article entitled “Customerial clientelism of the new Minister, Justin Benin.”
Justin Benin replied to Mediapart. She knows the facts and stands up for herself. His interventions were completely transparent.

Mediapart wrote that right away, in the midst of a municipal battle, the current Secretary of State for the Seas used the money from the modem to irrigate associations in her hometown of Le Mall. In two years, between 2019 and 2020, 37,000 euros were donated to 14 local organizations: football, judo and swimming clubs.

Why the template? Because it is the municipality whose target was Justin Benin in the 2020 municipal elections. The information site notes that this type of payment from a national party, the modem, in this case, to local associations is very unusual. The journalist asserts that they are not present in any other political party. Suspiciously, only Moule associations benefited from payments of this magnitude.

For the newspaper, the electoral objective is transparent.

For the National Modem Treasurer, contacted by Mediapart, the party was helped by Justin Benin, who had joined them shortly before, to found it. Therefore, nothing abnormal, except that the modem laws do not plan to support such local structures.

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As for the main interested party, she assumes.

The modem allowed me to help sports or cultural associations that had exhausted their requests for help elsewhere.

Mediapart reports that the problem is that the money wasn’t just paid to the associations…that the money was paid in the middle of the municipal campaign and that some of the expenses had to appear in the modem’s campaign account. But Justine Benin insisted, it had nothing to do with the 2020 mayoral elections. She lost the election, the site recalls, in a duel against her former teacher, Gabriel Luis Carrapin.

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