Delivery of new weapons to Kyiv "increases the risk" of military confrontation between Russia and the United States, warns Moscow

Delivery of new weapons to Kyiv “increases the risk” of military confrontation between Russia and the United States, warns Moscow

Will the US missile launchers announced in Ukraine change the rules of the game?

The United States announced on Tuesday 1Verse June, sending multiple launch missile systems to Ukraine, but their ability to change the rules of the game on the ground against the Russian military is not entirely certain. The ad relates to Himars, a mobile rocket launcher system – mounted on light armour – that can fire several missiles at the same time.

Similar tools are already used by the Russian and Ukrainian armies, but the American HIMARS systems have a longer and more accurate range.

According to a senior White House official, those to be delivered to Kyiv this time have a limited range of about 80 kilometers. Washington did not want the Ukrainian army to be able to fire on targets on Russian soil. “We will not send missile systems to Ukraine that can strike inside Russia”Joe Biden told reporters Monday morning.

What are these weapons?

The M-142 Himars systems are an updated, lightened, and slightly armored version of the chain-mounted M-270 MLRS developed by the United States and its allies in the 1970s.

HIMARS can carry two types of missile launch stations: one that allows the launch of six 227mm guided missiles simultaneously, and the other with one ATACMS tactical missile, at a longer range. But the United States will not supply Kyiv with ATACMS tactical missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers.

A small team can reload the missiles on their own in minutes. This will require training provided to Ukrainian soldiers.

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The US military already has HIMARs stationed in Europe. Poland and Romania, both members of NATO, have it, too. It has not yet been determined how much of these weapons Washington plans to send to Ukraine.

Why are they so expected?

Multiple US missile launchers will allow Ukraine’s armed forces to strike Russian positions deeply while positioning their batteries far from the front.

The missiles, fired by six of the Himar’s, are GPS-guided and have a range about twice that of the classic ballistic missile already provided by the United States, the M-777 howitzer.

This range makes it possible to bring the batteries beyond the range of Russian artillery while being able, on the contrary, to reach them. These missiles can also hit Russian army logistical depots far from their lines. “The donkey will restore the balance to the balance of power”A senior US official said.

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