They survived four days at sea on a makeshift boat - Ouest-France Evening Edition

They survived four days at sea on a makeshift boat – Ouest-France Evening Edition

Written by Mathilde LE PETITCORPS

These sailors came close to disaster after their boat sank. The four crew members drifted for four days at sea off Bali, Indonesia, on a makeshift set of polystyrene coolers. When the paramedics arrived, they were all safe. a novel.

(Map: Western France)

Four sailors were found on Monday, May 30, 2022, while drifting on a makeshift raft made of polystyrene coolers for four days off Bali, between the islands of Pulau Saubi and Sapontan, in the Bali Sea, in IndonesiaBritish newspaper reports daily Mail .

The four men had left as part of their work, Thursday, May 26, from the town of Banyuwangi, located 130 kilometers east of Bali. They had to deliver basic necessities to a nearby island located 120 nautical miles (about 194 kilometers) by boat. Zidane Express.

But the trip did not go as planned. The next day, not far from the final destination, the boat’s engine failed. Then, due to strong waves, water entered the boat through the ship’s engine exhaust system, causing it to sink.

During the sinking, the crew members quickly lost all radio communication and were unable to warn the rescuers. They only had time to hastily assemble an improvised lifeboat with coolers and empty polystyrene ropes, just before the ship sank.

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They lived on water supplies and dried food

During the four days that he prepared, the sailors managed to survive thanks to the reserves of water and dried food, which they consumed in moderation, which they were able to recover before sinking.

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During this time, the Coast Guard tried to find them. After losing contact and every trace of the ship, on Friday, May 27, they began searches for the ship’s crew Zidane Express. Unable to locate the boat precisely, the Coast Guard, aided by local fishermen aboard dozens of small vessels, took some time to find them. Four days in total. It’s time to comb 345 miles, or about 550 square kilometers, of the ocean identified as a possible place where the missing boat could be found. But also many times have given up hope for the families of the crew members.

After this endless wait, the sailors were able to find their families, seven hours later, the time for the return flight needed to evacuate the survivors to the nearest mainland. However, they were quickly taken to the hospital. But only for the health check. The four men, aged between 36 and 54, were miraculously unharmed.

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