Pro-Russian forces managed to block one of the roads leading to Avdiivka

Pro-Russian forces managed to block one of the roads leading to Avdiivka

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Moscow and its allies are advancing on the Donbass land. To the Far East, Severodonetsk seems to be on the verge of falling. In the north, territory already held by Russia’s allies, the pro-Russian separatists, claimed on Wednesday 1 June that they had scored tactical gains by cutting off one of the only two roads to the town of Avdiivka, near Donetsk.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Anisa Al Jabri

It’s been two weeks since getting ready to attack this castle and fortified city. In Donetsk, the authorities asked civilians to evacuate the Northern Cluster area.

Avdiïvka is somehow located on the outskirts of the capital of this pro-Russian breakaway republic. In recent days, the battle for control of Donetsk has intensified, with missiles falling on this industrial city: sirens, dead and wounded in the city center …

On Wednesday, 1 June, pro-Russian forces announced that they had taken control of an important hub, one of the two supply lines in the Avdivka garrison. In other words, if this assertion is confirmed, the Russian military pressure on this city will increase by several degrees.

Capturing it would represent two gains: a symbolic one, as it has been almost on the front line since 2014, being invaded by separatists that year and then recaptured; A tactical gain, too, since dissuading the Russians from Avdiivka would amount to opening the way to the great city of Kramatorsk, no more than a hundred kilometers away.

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