'We have to show them our muscles': When G7 leaders mock Vladimir Putin

‘We have to show them our muscles’: When G7 leaders mock Vladimir Putin

At the G7 summit in Germany on Sunday, top world leaders enjoyed joking about the manly portrait willingly projected by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president is at the center of the discussions. At the G7 summit in Germany, leaders used their meeting to be cynical about his masculinity. Vladimir Putin.

“Do we keep the jackets? Shall we take them away?” asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he sat at the work table at Elmau Castle in Germany where Chancellor Olaf Schultz hosts the leaders of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the European Union.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested waiting for the official photo to drop the jacket, but Boris Johnson fired: “We must show we are stronger than Putin.”

Reference to Vladimir Putin’s photo

The leaders clearly started, and continued to mock Vladimir Putin. Justin Trudeau recalls a famous photo of the Russian president riding a topless horse in 2009. “We’ll qualify for a topless riding demonstration,” he said.

Boris Johnson replied: “We have to show them the chest muscles.”

Finally the outfit was put on, after simply removing the ties, the seven leaders took their place on the podium of the traditional family portrait.

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