Ukraine: One dead and six wounded in Russian bombings in Kyiv

Ukraine: One dead and six wounded in Russian bombings in Kyiv

Ukrainian leaders said that Russian missiles hit an apartment building and a kindergarten in central Kyiv, on Sunday, killing one person and wounding six others.

Up to four explosions rocked the center of the Ukrainian capital in the early hours of the day, in the first such attack on the city in weeks.

Firefighters have put out a fire in a heavily damaged nine-story apartment building in the central Shevchenkivsky district, according to emergency services. “Rescuers took out a seven-year-old girl, who is alive. They are now trying to find her mother,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a message posted on Telegram.

“People are under the rubble,” says the city’s mayor

“There are people under the rubble,” the elected official said, adding that several victims had already been taken to hospital.

Deputy Mayor Mykola Povoroznik later reported that one person had been killed and at least six wounded, saying that a rocket had landed near a site targeted by a similar attack in late April.

About 400 meters away, a Reuters photographer saw a large crater near the playground of a private kindergarten, the windows of which were shattered. Moscow, which denies targeting civilians, did not immediately comment.

But the Russian Defense Ministry said it used high-tech missiles to strike Ukrainian army training centers in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Lviv regions, all of which were targeted by Russian fire on Saturday.

Four to six missiles launched in southern Russia

A Ukrainian air force spokesman said Russian bombers fired between four and six long-range missiles at a distance of more than 1,000 km at the Astrakhan region in southern Ukraine on Sunday.

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In Schloss Elmau, in the Bavarian Alps where the G7 summit is being held, US President Joe Biden denounced the bombings that hit the Ukrainian capital, denouncing Russian “barbarism”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the G7 countries should respond to the attack by tightening sanctions against Russia and providing Ukraine with more heavy weapons. The last major strike in Kyiv dates back to June 5, when a train repair factory was hit on the outskirts of the city.

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