Japan, hit by record temperatures, fears power shortages

Japan, hit by record temperatures, fears power shortages

Japanese authorities on Monday warned of a possible power shortage, as the country experiences record temperatures and Tokyo just experienced the shortest rainy season in its history. “We ask the public to reduce their energy consumption in the early eveningJapan’s Deputy Secretary-General Yoshihiko Isozaki said, “When the electricity reserve is at its lowest in Greater Tokyo.

However, the government urged residents to take necessary measures to protect themselves from the heat and avoid heat stroke. Temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius were announced Monday in the Japanese capital, with mercury no lower than 34 degrees Celsius before next Sunday, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

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And while the rainy season is expected to be in full swing in most parts of Japan, the JMA said it ended Monday in the Kanto region, where Tokyo is located. It’s the closest end to the rainy season – 22 days earlier than usual – since Japan began recording comparable data in 1951.

The rainy season also ended on Monday in central Japan and part of the island of Kyushu (southwest), also setting a record. On Sunday, the thermometer reached 40.2 degrees Celsius in the city of Izisaki, one hundred kilometers north of Tokyo, the highest temperature recorded in Japan in June. “Right after the rainy season, many people are not used to the heat and are more prone to heat strokeJMA warned.

Every year from July to August is hot, but I have never experienced such heat in JuneAsako Narus, 58, was crossed by AFP in Tokyo’s Ginza district, where many passersby were carrying an umbrella.

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