Warzone’s Urzikstan map will have 100 players, developers say

Warzone’s Urzikstan map will have 100 players, developers say

Warzone developers have explained why the new Urzikstan map only had 100 players at launch.

Season 1 of Warzone will officially begin on Wednesday, December 6, ushering in a whole host of changes. Among them is the arrival of a new map of Urzekistan.

This new map will offer a variety of locations, including urban, rural, and suburban areas. As its release approaches, more and more information about Urzikstan appears on the Internet.

And recently, Charlie Intel It was revealed that the new Warzone map will be released with 100 players.

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While this may be useful given that Urzikstan looks 20% smaller than the farm, this is not welcome news for fans.

Warzone developers explain why Urzekistan player count is stuck at 100

According to what was published by Twitch Thick Those who contacted the Battle Royale developers said that restricting the number of players in Urzikstan represented a “creative choice” on the part of the development team.

With a smaller map and faster circuits, as well as the addition of torches and gulag tokens, hopefully 100 players will serve the map well.However, the streamer noted that the developers are open to adjusting the player count over time if such a change proves necessary.

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The Warzone faithful have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the number of players in Urzikstan.

One person wrote under the CharlieIntel post, “Big L. The card is huge, and we’ll never see other teams.

Another fan replied: “Only 100, what?Many suggested that this number should increase to at least 120 players per match.

However, some see the smaller map and reduced player count as a good improvement.

When I think about how deserted and densely populated the northwest part of the farm map is, this is a huge improvement.

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Others noted that this change would help with wait times between games.

Regardless, players will soon be able to judge for themselves whether or not these changes will improve the experience since this new Warzone map arrives on December 6 to celebrate Season 1.

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