Gormilit and Exxon bring a terrifying creature to life in Pokemon Go.

Gormilit and Exxon bring a terrifying creature to life in Pokemon Go.

A Pokémon Go player has discovered that Ixon has transformed into a strange new creature due to a bug and the presence of Gourmelet.

Pokémon Go’s interface is prone to bugs, with many players reporting seeing their Pokémon transform into strange new creatures or get a little closer to each other.

An extreme example occurred earlier this year, when Ohmasacre and Garchomp found themselves very close, resulting in a somewhat awkward cameo.

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Recently, a Pokémon Go trainer posted another one of these errors. This time, a Pokémon from the Galar region, Exon, appears to have turned into a two-armed pig due to an interface bug.

A Pokémon Go trainer finds a surprising bug

Over on Pokémon Go’s Reddit, a trainer named “Pickrzz” posted a photo of what could be considered a very strange bug.

The individual discovers that Ixon, who was assigned as a friend of the player, has become Gourmelet. Instead of just seeing Ixon on his own, the game has been tapped to form a pig with Ixon’s arms and head.

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Needless to say, other Pokémon Go trainers were confused by this bug.

One Pokémon Go user wrote about this bug, “Exxon didn’t understand that [Halloween] He was finished and still wearing his costume [Gourmelet]”. Another simply stated, “Did they blend in or did anyone get hungry?”

Meanwhile, others tried to come up with a new name for the fused Pokémon.

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The coach recommended naming the duo either Ixelet or Gourmexon. Another idea for the name Zigzagalet, playing on the pre-Ixon evolution Zigzaton.

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This isn’t the first time a Pokémon without arms has suddenly gained power due to a mistake. A few weeks ago, Axoloto and Racaillou wandered into the wild to form a new Pokémon that some said was ready to battle.

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