Fortnite Chapter 5: Players Beware of Flobaies

Fortnite Chapter 5: Players Beware of Flobaies

The new Floberry item in Fortnite is causing problems for many players. A discussion arose among the players: Is this a glitch or a new mechanism in the game?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing, and players can now experience all the new features. In fact, Epic Games has added new bosses, vehicles, and much more to the game.

Among the new things added, Flobaie stands out. This new fruit allows those who consume it and their nearby teammates to regain the shield. Additionally, it temporarily reduces gravity and provides immunity to fall damage, making it a good choice to consume before making a big jump.

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However, this new item arrived with some controversy on the popular Fortnite island where the fleeting Floberry effect played a trick on many players.

A player stirs up controversy over Flobaies with a clip posted on Reddit

Reddit user u/GMR_Knocker He posted a clip on Reddit where the player dies from fall damage shortly after eating a Floberry, just seconds after making a second big jump. In the title of the post, the OP refers to “ These are “bright” berries that do not have the expected effect “.

However, we can see in the video that the Floberry effect ends (the pink trail disappears) when you make the jump, allowing the damage to fall again.

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One player commented that this is a new error, arguing that “ Normally when they run out of low gravity in the atmosphere, they still resist fall damage The same effect occurs with shock waves or low-gravity surges.

Many agreed with this user, but this clip quickly opened up the debate: Is this a new bug, or is this a new mechanic in Fortnite? To find out, we’ll have to wait and see what Epic has to say, although it’s very likely that this is a new bug. Indeed, the developers did not announce the arrival of a new mechanism for the game in the fifth chapter.

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