Waiting for metamorphosis, Christ and salvation in the Maischberger

Waiting for metamorphosis, Christ and salvation in the Maischberger

What do the conspiracy theorists have in common with most of the officials, officials, journalists, and supporters of ZeroCovid? You have an unconditional faith in something. Questioning these beliefs leads to expulsion and punishment. Let’s start with the extreme group of conspiracy theorists. Sometimes they think that Donald Trump is tirelessly planning the great coup in Europe. Well, history is coming – history goes by, it was no different when the kingdom of God was established.

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“Tichi’s vision” – this is how the printed magazine comes out

Well, something happened that could happen. It will be rescheduled. Once again, freshly combed, he awaits at the window the Great Revolt and the Return of Christ. The firm and irrevocable belief in this impending event is just as unshakable as the extreme belief in the value of incidence being set over and over again, to which everyone without exception has to direct themselves and subject themselves to it, the R value, mutant, new mutant, turbovirus, vaccine. The majority of people are increasingly exposed to a prolonged and never-ending state of emergency. Or you just do whatever you want. This, however, upsets the godparents.

What looks like a millionth talk show will pop up and back off again. Anna Meyer from DC office sits freshly combed time At the counter at Maischberger. On the left is Annette Dwidette, Head of Investigation / Reportage V. Globalism To the right of Mrs. Mayer, television presenter Hubertus Mayer Burckhardt.

Power relations change

Yesterday, the Prime Minister and the Federal Chancellor met again in Berlin to discuss how to proceed, and then, as usual, to announce decisions on more coronavirus measures for people who are increasingly impatient. Merkel, who clearly attacked in front of the cameras, stepped there in the evening and was unable to find the old copy nor the old plans with which she went to the prime minister’s tour. Shortly thereafter, Hubertus Mayer Burckhardt will explain this as a shift in power from Merkel to Prime Minister. It was called astrology, later kremlogy, today public service press. Early Belief in Christ and Theology.

Well, the lockdown will be extended again, this time until March 7th. But we know the fun, at the beginning of March they will probably come up with something new or the Scandinavian boom will inevitably force a renewed extension. This was already the case at the time of Christ’s return. There is only one Christ. Mutations a million times. So not a good possibility, then dear Christ.

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The humor of Karl Lauterbach

Even if Karl Lauterbach couldn’t, completely unexpectedly, be physically present at the talk show studio, but he stayed elsewhere, he still managed to fly over it all like a ghost. Mayer Burckhardt steps in with a small salute to the busy health expert at SPD. He was always right with his predictions. A thunderstorm, the show just started and the big hit came in the first minute. I can actually close the shop here, I think for a moment.

Annette Dweidette and her colleague Alexander Napier have presented the most important research text of the past few days: The Ministry of Interior has hired scientists to justify Corona’s measures. It’s a shame that, of all things, the content of this important contribution wasn’t discussed during the broadcast. Will be rescheduled (come with Christ?). Journalists are invited now not to talk to them about the same important topics.

To Anna Meyer from timeThere are (no) good arguments against shutting everything down. Because leaving everything as it is collapses too muchMeans the ZeroCovid concept.

While Annette Dwidette believes that gross infringements of fundamental rights should really be justified, Anna Meyer contends that there is also a “fundamental right to health and protection.” “Money is really overrated in a situation like this.” In general, Mrs. Mayer said some strange things that evening, which at the same time gave an insight into the world of a thinking society that includes many journalists who love to write and broadcast to one other person, with the reality of the life of the average person who has to make his money in the free economy , But other than that it had no overlap anymore.

Opens an authoritarian gesture

“It makes no sense to remain in a state of strict lockdown while the willingness of the population to participate decreases at the same time.” With this quote from Sebastian Kurz, we look forward to Austria and to the first openings this past week. Anna Meyer says she believes this is a “very authoritarian gesture” by Sebastian Curtis. Uh, wait a minute, how was that, please, even Sandra Mishberger prefers to look a little more inquisitive. Yes, it’s similar to what young children have to touch a hot stove and then can see what happens next. So people go out again because they want to resume their lives, get infected, they end up in intensive care, and then they can see what they’re getting from their desire in their life again. If Sebastian Kurtz’s opening up to Anna Meyer is completely authoritarian, then it is clear that the extension of Angela Merkel’s lockdown is consistent with her fundamental right to health. Maybe Mr. Kurtz needs to shower more.

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After looking at Austria, the Herzplatz counter returns to the corner in the tiny chair. This time, intensive care physician Professor Uwe Janssens and Tübingen mayor Boris Palmer awaits here.

The conversation between Janssens and Palmer is constructive. They both have different opinions. With his daily experience, Jannsens gives everyone an understandable wish and recommends an extension of the lockdown; On the other hand, he also sees the increased need of people, which results from this in their daily life and the anxiety about job or job loss which continues to grow.

Injury numbers

Uwe Janssens is a supporter of the lowest possible infection rate, which puts it at 10. With more openness, society has to accept that there will be more deaths. In Cologne, 20% of coronavirus cases are actually those with mutation variants. Palmer would have liked to have had the reopening under control. In February, the infection rate in Tübingen is 30. “We have a triage,” Palmer says, “in child and adolescent psychiatry”. The damage the lockdown does to children and youth is catastrophic.

Palmer argues that massive infringements of basic rights are no longer justified, and that the number of free or occupied intensive care beds can be linked to the severity of the interventions. Cases have already been reduced in other countries with an infection rate of around 200, including in Europe. Janssens replies that one should not continue to assume that vacant intensive care beds also mean fewer occupancy, and that patients with other medical intensive illnesses should be taken care of constantly.

He described the nursing staff and hospital staff as being completely overburdened. Boris Palmer notes that there was a bug here before the pandemic.

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“Tests, tests, tests!”

Jannsens sees it with concern, for example using Vienna as an example, that when stores open again, people flow again as if the Corona threat has been avoided. It could then be encountered with the new, more contagious virus variant.

Palmer and Jansens agree that significantly more tests should be done in the case of the jaws and openings: “Tests, tests, tests!” These examinations must be comprehensive and mandatory. So far, only a third of health authorities are digitally interconnected with one another. The rest still send faxes when pigeons have not flown and are closed for the weekend.

Two weeks ago, the Lord Mayor of Rostock was praised because, with good will, organization and procedures, he managed to reduce the 7-day incidence in his city to 50. The 7-day injury rate in Boris Palmer Tübingen is 30. As an “actor”, nobody praises him, it is assumed He could invent a panacea for corona, hair loss and cancer at the same time, but his plants would not leave a single good hair on him.

The effectiveness of vaccines

Tal Sachs, MD, oncologist, and chief physician at vaccine manufacturer Moderna, is online from Boston. One looks at the development of mutations with concern that the variants are spreading faster and after vaccination, it is still difficult to recognize the immune system well, says Mr. Zach in front of two large pictures in the background. The main question at the moment is whether the new variants will re-infect people who were previously sick or those who were vaccinated. If that was the case, that would be the terrible thing. However, when the vaccine was developed, it was also expected to be effective against the new variants. It might not be quite as effective as the original strains of the virus, but it is still effective. So far, so good. We’ll see what mutante du jour is in March.

We are still waiting for Christ, and for someone to take over from Angela Merkel. Until then, the rules of belief will be tightened and non-believers will be punished.


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